Dillman and Upton’s expert design staff can help you design out the perfect kitchen or bath to fit your style and needs. Our design team can work within your budget and your timeline. From tear down to finish, over 90% of the kitchens and baths designed by Dillman and Upton’s staff are ready for decoration within 6-8 weeks. From standard sized to fully customized cabinetry, to premier wood and tile floors, and elegant counter surfaces, our design team will meet and exceed your expectations every step of the way.

At Dillman and Upton, we have several professional installation specialists who will install your windows, doors, decks, and floors with precision and cleanliness. Our installation specialists have years of specialized, hands on experience, and are ready to help you get the job done right.

Your home is precious, and choosing the right construction vendor is crucial to protect your investment. At Dillman and Upton, we have a wealth of preferred vendors that we work with,to ensure that you are choosing a vendor who is qualified, certified, insured, and professional. If you are considering work dealing with painting, trim, hardware, or lumber, let our 100 plus years of experience and vendor relationships guide you on the path to success.